Brand Identity Guidelines
Date: February 10, 2021
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Our Brand Introduction

Design Elements

Color Palette


Our Brand Introduction


A brand is more than a message. The experiences they provide can shape an organization’s perceptions and expectations. A consistent, dependable, distinct and professional brand identity has the power to convey longevity and authenticity while creating a genuine connection with the individuals who interact with it.

There are two qualities that all world-class brands share: universal recognition and a clear promise to their clients. The consistent presentation of the brand across all touchpoints and a shared commitment to fulfilling the brand’s promise are responsible for this success.

Instead of organizations, people form relationships with brands. Therefore, it’s crucial that everyone involved with the Webnotix brand is aware of our design philosophy and the core values that guide it. Because at Webnotix, we’re committed to developing our brand to a high calibre. These rules have been created to assist us as a team in creating branded communications that are consistent and contribute to enhancing Webnotix’s reputation.

Who We Are

We are Webnotix, an award-winning website design agency. We work with brands to help create websites and provide digital experiences your customers will love. We focus on improving your business’ KPIs, and present your brand with pride to stand out in the competition

Started in 2012, as a small website design firm, we have grown into an international design agency having clientele in more than 100+ countries. We help build an online presence of your business that guarantees expansive digital growth and revenues along with strong brand position.

Mission & Vision Statement
No matter how little or large the organization is, we make every effort to help them by providing its consumers with wonderful digital experiences.


“To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”

“To help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential”
Brand Values
We are trustworthy and act in good faith. We look beyond the present to deliver future values.
We care about all of our stakeholders. Giving people the due respect they deserve and appreciating their hard work.
Making an attempt to save other people’s time. Going the extra mile to make it easier for others; Being honest, humble, and fair.


Utilizing this chance to carry out your best work ever and supporting others in achieving the same.

Brand Positioning

Helping people with online businesses by presenting a professional brand image to the world through website design, website marketing, social media design, social media marketing, paid advertisement, content and video marketing etc. We believe in the utmost satisfaction of clients during and after the project delivery.

Brand Persona

Webnotix brand personality is integrity, sincerity & competence. Webnotix is one of the world’s leading and trusted digital brands—very sincere, supported by industry-changing technological trends and exceptional serviceability. Webnotix has a reliable, competent, sincere and caring personality.

Brand Voice & Tone

Webnotix, a popular Web Development agency, has a brand voice that is friendly, amusing, direct and concise. 

This might seem like it doesn’t fit with their tailored services, but it actually creates a unique connection to customers and uses off-beat humor and genuine messaging to connect on a personal level to their audiences. 

However, Webnotix also uses this brand voice to connect with customers in a casual and friendly manner, helping to build a positive association between the brand and its audiences. 

Design Element


The Webnotix logo is the most important key to our brand and perfectly captures who we are at our best level. It serves as a quality stamp, a signature, and an identification. It is the most constant element of our communications and it should always be.


It’s important to maintain visual balance in your logo so that one side doesn’t draw all of the attention.


A hallmark of a great logo is that it works not only in color, but also in black and white.




Color Blind

It’s important to remember that not everybody sees the same. This is what your logo looks like to those with color blindness.





A logo needs to work at many different sizes, from really big to really small.





A logo often needs to be placed inside areas of varying proportions. Here’s how your logo fits into a few common shapes.





At low resolutions, logos begin losing detail. A good logo retains most of its form at low resolutions.

96px × 81px

48px × 41px

32px × 27px


Blur helps you see the main forms in your logo. This shows what stands out to someone on a first glance or if they are just passing by it quickly.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


It’s an extra plus if your logo is still recognizable even when only seeing a small part of it.

App Icon
This is what your logo would look like as an icon on a mobile device.

A logo is always competing for the attention of the viewer. How does yours standout in a crowd of familiar brands?

Logo Appropriate Usage

The correct and preferred usage of the Webnotix logo is the primary logo on white background as illustrated below. However, there are instances where the application dictates variation from the primary logo. These approved variations are illustrated here:

1. Primary logo on white (horizontal lockup)
2. White and orange logo on dark background
3. Grayscale logo
4. Single color black logo
5. One color white logo
6. Small scale

Logo Spacing
At Webnotix, we know that logo spacing is more than aesthetics. It’s about creating a lasting impression. Our design experts ensure your logo is perfectly placed, balancing visibility and style. Your logo, your brand – let’s make it unforgettable.



Typography is more than just selecting fonts; it’s the art of shaping written language into a visual masterpiece. At Webnotix, we understand the profound influence typography has on design. The choice of typefaces, their sizes, spacing, and arrangement all work in harmony to convey the essence of your brand and message. Our design experts carefully curate fonts that resonate with your audience, ensuring that your content is not only legible but also a work of art that captures attention and imparts the intended tone and emotion.

Fonts Styles

Our brand identity at Webnotix is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and clarity. We’ve carefully chosen “Kanit” as our heading font to convey a sense of modernity and uniqueness, while “RNS Miles” for paragraphs imparts a touch of sophistication. This fusion of fonts encapsulates our brand’s essence, where cutting-edge design meets timeless quality.




(.,:;?!@#$%^&*) 0123456789

(.,:;?!@#$%^&*) 0123456789

RNS Miles



(.,:;?!@#$%^&*) 0123456789

(.,:;?!@#$%^&*) 0123456789

Color Palette

Color Palette

Our color palette, featuring shades like “Broad Daylight,” “Funnel Flower,” “Heroic Blue,” along with classic “White” and “Black,” embodies the essence of Webnotix. These colors aren’t just names; they’re expressions of our creative and clear design philosophy. From the vibrancy of “Funnel Flower” to the trustworthiness of “White,” we use this palette strategically to convey your brand’s story and purpose, making your online presence both memorable and impactful.

Illustration is a potent visual medium that transcends language and communicates ideas, stories, and emotions with incredible depth and impact. At Webnotix, we recognize the profound role illustration plays in modern design. Whether it’s for websites, marketing materials, or branding, our skilled illustrators bring your visions to life with a touch of creativity and a splash of artistry, ensuring that your message is not just seen but also felt.

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