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Website Value Proposition – A Simple Guide

Coming up with a perfect website value proposition could be challenging for web strategists. There are minor details that helps create a good website value proposition. This shows a promise that we deliver to our customers.  Value proposition provides a perspective to customers and answers their ambiguity. Ultimately, answers the questions like why they should choose your company instead of other competitors in the market. Sadly, business strategists fail to understand the significance of value proposition and they often do not highlight it on their websites.

Website Value Proposition

Things to remember for website value proposition

·         How the offered products or services can meet customers’ demands

·         Are benefits clear?

.       Why customers should choose you has to be boldly presented.

Website value proposition should catch visitors’ attention and make them engage as soon as they are on the website. Make sure that at every entry point (landing page) value proposition should be loud and clear.

Here is an example of one of our services pages > Website Design Service

The writing and presenting of value propositions should be readable and make sense to every visitor on the website. There is no point in using complicated language or confusing jargons. That do not let visitors understand what your company is promising to them.

Understand that value proposition is not a catchy phrase or slogan neither it is a positioning statement. It is a reflection of values and benefits your company provides to customers as per their expectations or needs.

Perfect Value Proposition – No Fixed Formula

Although there is no fixed formula that dictates a perfect website value proposition, but a good way of illustrating value proposition includes:

  •        Headlines: Structure your complete website page in a user-friendly way.
  •        Bullet points: Benefits or features of your provided services.
  •        Image: Select images wisely to grab visitors’ attention and orchestrate them into your main message.

Images play a huge role in engaging customers, images without text alignment makes the reader uncomfortable. Text based images lead to the best value proposition development of websites.

Add boosters to strengthen web value propositions like “Free Signup” or “No Credit Cards Required”.

Five seconds are good enough for a visitor to grab attention and make them understand your company’s value proposition. Hence, it is quite important that website value proposition has to be clear and concise. There is no need to create a hype or hike with the selection of wrong words like “never happened before”, “magic is promised” or “delivering miracles”.

In A Nutshell

Finally, the key to develop website value proposition is to have clear communication throughout the user journey.

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