How to pick the best Live Chat Software?

Your hunt to pick live chat software can be stressful if you do not have sufficient knowledge about how you should go about choosing a chat software that turns website traffic into actual customers. There are tons of live chat tools which help your representative interact with your customers. However, as per web development company Texas for the lasting experience of chatting with the company’s representative. The right plugin must be the pick that suits you and your visitor’s needs.

Number of agents

Take note of the number of agents who would be responding through chat software. If there will be only one operator then it does not matter. But if there will be more than one agent responding via chat software then the plugin billing model should be considered. A model that is a little more generous if your company has multiple agents to take care of live chat.

Branding on the Live Chat

Having your company logo on the live chat widget is an attractive idea and you can find multiple free options to get your logo on the chat widget. Especially if you do not want a third-party logo on your chart box, invest in getting your brand logo on it.

Chatbot Support

There is no harm in getting your company chatbots who are available 24/7 for a chat. It is even better to get chatbot support than solely relying on a human agent. There are several chatbot services available in the market that can lift your business game. Only when you make a wise choice.

Our three top recommended chatbot services included:
Hubspot Chatbot Builder
Aivo AgentBot

Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support is high in demand these days as customers seek convenience and easy communication with the company they are availing services or going to make their first purchase. Chats from multiple platforms such as FB messenger and WhatsApp add weight to your system of interacting with visitors and actual customers.

SaaS vs self-Hosted

If you get to know the details of chatbots. Then you will see that most of the live chat tools are hosted SaaS tools that are used by companies to integrate with their website using code snippets or WordPress plugins. It means that all your company data is stored in the service’s servicer rather than the website’s server. If your company is into a self-hosted approach then opt for the most suitable self-hosted chat software.

General Productivity Features

If you are into such business where there is a lot of conversation between you and your visitors or clients on the website. Then ensure that your live chat software has some productivity-boosting features. Without having such features human or AI response through chatbot would not be as effective as you might expect it to be. Features like canned responses and agent transfers are two must-haves in this aspect.

Bonus Tip: to add more weightage and value to your live chat system it should have both a web interface and dedicated apps that are commonly used by people today.

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